Website Solutions

Any website, no matter how complicated operates with these components: A) Your website files which comprise of your graphics and text B) These files need to live somewhere that has direct Internet access such as a server (hosting) C) The domain name (e.g. so that people can find you. We can help you through the process and setup, search engines (such as google) and provide a means to update and connect to your website.

Website Services

We can build a website that represents your company's style. Interested in a responsive website (the website shrinks or grows to match the size of your screen or smartphone)? We can offer our experience to how to position your business online and help setup your search engines (SEO) to be found online. Google analytics can track the traffic to your website so you can see what people like.
Some companies would like to make edits to their own website but don't have any employees that have the skills. We can offer to perform edits for you or to create your website inside Wordpress which gives an easy to use interface to make your own edits without being an expert.
Your website will need a domain name (e.g., a place to be hosted on the Internet, and possibly even some email addresses there. We can help setup all of this for you.
Need graphics? Logos? We'll sit down and find the style that works for you.

Some examples of our work